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Simona Kukovičič is the first Slovenian based certified Learning Paths affiliate to HeRoes Group, representative of Learning Paths in Europe and the Middle East. She manages a consultancy company called Ariessa. Based in Slovenske Konjice in the beautiful country of Slovenia she is determined to make her business grow with Learning Paths as one of her core services. Simona can be reached by email: simona@ariessa.si She works closely with Cees W.M. Nieboer, CEO of HeRoes Group and President of Learning Paths Europe to develop the local Learning Paths business.

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After signing the agreement with Learning Paths to establish Learning Paths Europe we’ve been working hard to get the news out.  One of the reasons to tie up with Learning Paths International was that I could see this very practical, process driven, methodology working hand in hand with HeRoes tools and training as well as fitting in the Lumina Spark Personality Profiling we represent in our region.

It all seems to fit like a well laid out jigsaw puzzle. To my, pleasant, surprise the positive responses from the various countries came in quickly. Actually, much faster than we had ever seen with other product announcements.

That made me wonder …. Why is that?  We’ve always offered good training programs, the best possible personality profiling and great innovative online HR-tools.  The answer, after evaluating the many responses  we’ve received was clear:

Clients want something practical, giving quick, but lasting results. If the ROI is measurable and giving better bottom line results within a time frame of months or even weeks ……. they will go for it.

What also helped us was the bad experience that companies often had with training. Lack of measurable improvements positioned training and development often in the category of cost instead of investment.

Here they could read about recognizable, reputable companies giving examples of tangible savings …..   If they benefit from it why shouldn’t we?

As for Psychometrics / Personality profiling, I believe it is still an area which is alien to a lot of people. Fortunately the acceptance of such tools especially ones that do not “box” or “type rate” people gains territory.

Over the years I have seen the “magical” effect of integrating Personality Profiling with blended learning solutions and have achieved immediate results with it that would normally take forever or not happen at all. As mentioned Lumina Spark made by Lumina Learning, a product combining Jungian principles with Big 5 research is the one to look at.

For potential partners and/or clients of Learning Paths I can only state that if this announcement triggered so many positive responses in such a short time, it would be sensible for you to have a look at it. Not all people can be wrong.  We are there to help you explore the various options.  www.heroes-emea.com

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Learning Paths are designed to quickly improve performance and reduce time to proficiency for critical front line positions. These positions are critical because they have direct contact with customers and are really the public face of any organization.

After developing a measurable proficiency statement, our approach is to create a single Learning Path that goes from day one to proficiency.  This path can then be customized to each employee based on experience level and past performance.  

For new employees the Learning Path provides an in-depth step-by-step process to become fully proficient.  For incumbent employees,  it makes it easier to determine what they are missing and take them from 80 or 90% proficient to 100% proficient.

Many functions such as sales have a common core of proficiencies and learning activities.  When we work with these functions,  we are able to speed up development by starting with the common core and then  incorporating each client’s specific job requirements and information.  

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We’ve worked in a lot of manufacturing plants. Safety is always a critical issue. Consider that when new employees start they really aren’t safe. They can be a hazard to themselves and others. Over time they learn to be safe. However, the longer this takes the greater the risk. So part of every proficiency definition should be several statements about safety or they should be embedded in the other proficiency statements. There are both general rules of safety but also specific safety standards for each task or set of tasks. This needs to be reflected.

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