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How to Get Your Employees Up-to-Speed in Record Time
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Date: Wednesday, September 17th

Time: 10:00 to 11:00 am Central Time

Presenter: Steve Rosenbaum, President Learning Paths International

Registration: Learningpaths.com


Learning Paths is the fastest and most effective way to reduce time to performance. Hundreds of companies in more than eight countries have used the Learning Paths approach for onboarding new employees, improving performance of current employees as well as leadership development.


This webinar is presented by Steve Rosenbaum, the author of the book Learning Paths: Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press).  In this webinar, you will how Learning Paths initiatives lead to speeding up design and development, improving measurability and overall results.


In this webinar learn about:


  • How to define and measure proficiency
  • Map, improve and accelerate the learning process
  • Transform the way your organization looks at training


To Register Go To:  Learningpaths.com


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Date: Thursday June 5th
Time: 10:00 to 11:00 am Central Time
Presenter: Steve Rosenbaum, President Learning Paths International


The first 30 days on the job are critical to success. This is the time to get new employees productive quickly and avoid the frustration that often leads to early turnover. Successful onboarding goes beyond a simple orientation or new hire training. This webinar focuses on three keys to improving and speeding up the onboarding process. In this webinar, you will learn about:


● How to build the new employee’s confidence
● How to start new employees on the road to success
● How to make sure employees fit into their work teams

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"learn" written on blackboard with apple, books

Reducing time to proficiency is an important and highly effective way to improve results while driving down the cost of training. I’ve done this type of project in companies with more than 500,000 employees and less than 5. Both size companies can benefit greatly, but the projects are different. Large companies have a lot of stuff and a lot of infrastructure. There is often a lot of measurement and historical data to work with. Having enough training is not usually the problem.


These projects are more of a process of getting things in the right order, getting rid of what doesn’t add value and structuring the informal coaching and mentoring. Because there is so much stuff to work with the low hanging fruit is everywhere.


Small companies usually have little or nothing to work with. It’s more of a blank slate. The approach is usually not to start building a lot of training, but rather to look for what might exist in places like colleges, associations or online. This training is then arranged and structured with all the informal on-the-job training and coaching required.


The trick with large companies is to get them to accept a change in focus and approach from curriculums and competencies toward Learning Paths and proficiencies. The trick with small companies is to give them enough support when they lack internal expertise or resources. Keep in mind that these projects are about improvement and not problem solving. This means you can start with a baseline and drive to the next level and then when done drive to a higher level.

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businessOnboarding is critical first 30 to 60 days new employees spend on the job. Onboarding goes beyond a basic employee orientation and focuses on getting new hire productive as soon as possible. At Learning Paths International, we know a lot about onboarding. Onboarding is often the first part of a full Learning Path that takes employees to full proficiency. Including building a full onboarding program for your orgnization, we can also assess your current onboarding program to find ways to take out time and waste as well as lower your cost.  We can also work with your training staff to teach them how to build a better onboading program. For an onboarding whitepaper or to get more information, in the United States email us at steve@learningpaths.com or call 952-368-9329 for EMEA email us at emea@learningpaths.com or call +386-30-395-845.


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Add the Learning Paths Brand to Your Consulting Practice

As part of our ongoing effort to build the Learning Paths brand, we are adding new partners in the US and internationally.  For our partners this is an opportunity to expand their businesses with a consulting methodology that will give them a competitive advantage.  Other benefits include:

  • A proven methodology that adds to your credibility and expertise
  • A partnership network that shares resources and best practices
  • Ongoing support and training on how to market training including social networking
  • Higher visibility with a growing brand
  • Profitable products and services to sell

What Partners Get

The partnership program is designed to help our partners become successful.  Here are some of the key elements of the partnership program:

  • A license to market and use the Learning Paths methodology
  • Training on how to sell and conduct a Learning Paths initiative
  • Sales support including proposal templates, presentations and sales leads
  • Use of promotional material including logos, whitepapers, webinars and other printed materials
  • All of the tools and templates required to conduct a Learning Paths initiative
  • A presences on the Learning Paths website and blog
  • Discounts on the Learning Paths book

Partner Profile

We are seeking partners who currently have consulting practice in human resources, sales, training, organizational development, quality or safety.  This includes both individual practitioners and consulting companies.  In the US, we are seeking partners with a strong regional presence, industry focus or unique areas of expertise.  Internationally we are looking for new partners in  South America, Australia, Asia, Middle East  and Africa.

Next Steps

To discuss the partners program with us contact: Steve Rosenbaum, president and founder of Learning Paths Phone +1 952-368-9329 or contact us by email: steve@learningpathsinternational.com.  You can also choose to attend one of our upcoming Partners Program webconferences.

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Traffic through Los Angelesby Cees Nieboer, Learning Paths Europe

Sometimes I wonder if the name is still reflecting what we actually do. I’m not saying that I don’t like the name, on the contrary, I think it’s very recognizable and strong. But I feel that given the activities we do a name Learning Highway would reflect the results in a better way. A path can, sometimes, be quite unstructured, narrow, and often has obstacles preventing you from going, very fast. Learning Paths as we implement them are fast, allow you to overtake (competition) and are clearly marked. Being in the fast lane on a clearly marked route to known destinations gives a sense of power, accomplishment and satisfaction. Others, on the other lanes, often wonder why they are in a traffic jam and how come some ‘privileged people’ are allowed in the fast lane.

Well, it might seem unfair to some, but it isn’t. Nobody is prevented from joining the fast lane. Making the Learning Paths methodology accessible to everybody out there, gives people a free choice to be part of it, or to keep wondering why everybody else is succeeding faster and with better tangible results. We can only offer the opportunity we can’t force you to change. If companies and individuals would set their fear of change aside and decide actually doing something about it results will definitely improve. Don’t think you’re a guinea pig. There have been many companies and individuals going through the process successfully. You’re not alone, qualified Learning Paths  consultants are there to support you implementing the change. Join us in the fast lane but make sure to fasten your seatbelt!

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I like to welcome Lydia Cille Schmidt and her team at the Talent Hub as new Learning Paths Partners in South Africa.  They are getting ready to do their first certification workshop on November 27 and 28th.  If you’d like to attend, send Lydia an email at lydiacs@yebo.co.za.  This is a start of a series of posts where I will introduce you to all the new consultants.  We also have 3 new consultants in Europe and I will post them as well.  We are also looking for partners in South and Central America as well as the Philipines.


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Date: 2/2/2012

Time: 11:00 to 12:00 CST


Every minute employees aren’t fully productive and up-to-speed has a significant financial effect on any organization. In this webinar, you will learn about the secrets of speeding up  time to full productivity by 30 to 50% or more through the proven Learning Paths methodology.

The Learning Path methodology combines the best of accelerated learning, change management and quality improvement to the learning process to dramatically reduce time, waste, variability and cost.

The Learning Paths methodology  is based on the book Learning  Paths by  Steve Rosenbaum (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press).

In this webinar learn about:

1. How to define and measure proficiency
2. Map, improve and accelerate the learning process
3. Transform the way your organization looks at training

Who Should Attend
This webinar is for any one involved in training, human resources and employee development.  In addition, this webinar will be of special interest to sales and operations managers who want to address issues of improving performance and reducing turnover.  This webinar also provides an overview of Learning Paths for anyone considering attend the Learning Paths Certification Workshop.


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There are a lot of companies that are planning to do training in China including bringing their content and traning to their Chinese operations.  I had an opportunity to discuss this issue with Jeff Chai of Learning Paths China.  Here’s what he thought was important.

From business and strategic perspectives:

1. Aligning training to business priority

  • China businesses may have very different management priorities than those in matured markets.  Those challenges could vary from industry to industry and company to company depending on
  • Development stage (whether it is in the process of localizing production, expanding global sourcing, tapping local market, setting up R&D center, developing wider distribution network, or doing M&A…),
  • Business structure (solely owned, JV, or representative office through distributors,etc.

2. Leader Sponsorship

  • Poorly developed leadership pipeline and lack of fully competent top management are not uncommon
  • HQ’s high, sometimes unrealistic, expectation on business growth puts pressure on local business leaders and pushes them act short-term to survive tomorrow, rather pay attention to business sustainability and employee development

3. Communication

  • Often it is not easy to clearly explain and convince leadership of training needs and compelling them to act.

Implementation challenges:

4. Standardization vs customization:

  • Arguments from HQ: local country shall follow HQ standard process, contents and system; it is a way to manage the global business and ensure the ‘one company’ culture;
  • Arguments from China: different market situation; different development and sophistication level of management practice and staff skill; language and cultural difference issue;

5. Language and cultural factors

  • Not every staff is fluent in English, for some training participants materials and delivery needs to be in Mandarin
  • Need to take into consideration of cultural factors when develop and deliver the training, so that staff would find the training realistic when they apply it in the workplace

6. Local training support

  • Lack of training professionals competent in ISD, project management, change and other skills means well-designed training program may not get the same level of in-house support

7. Follow up and coaching:

  • Lack of qualified coach and coaching culture
  • Connection with other HR functions: if other HR functions are not performing, it will affect training (such as high turnover rate, low employee engagement and etc)

8. Cost issues:

  • Cost of flying-in trainers would be high

To see more about Learning Paths in China, go to lpi-china.com


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While many of the other booths had little traffic, the Learning Paths booth was jammed.  The book you can see is the Chinese version of the Learning Paths book.









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