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How to Get Your Employees Up-to-Speed in Record Time
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Date: 2/2/2012

Time: 11:00 to 12:00 CST


Every minute employees aren’t fully productive and up-to-speed has a significant financial effect on any organization. In this webinar, you will learn about the secrets of speeding up  time to full productivity by 30 to 50% or more through the proven Learning Paths methodology.

The Learning Path methodology combines the best of accelerated learning, change management and quality improvement to the learning process to dramatically reduce time, waste, variability and cost.

The Learning Paths methodology  is based on the book Learning  Paths by  Steve Rosenbaum (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press).

In this webinar learn about:

1. How to define and measure proficiency
2. Map, improve and accelerate the learning process
3. Transform the way your organization looks at training

Who Should Attend
This webinar is for any one involved in training, human resources and employee development.  In addition, this webinar will be of special interest to sales and operations managers who want to address issues of improving performance and reducing turnover.  This webinar also provides an overview of Learning Paths for anyone considering attend the Learning Paths Certification Workshop.


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I set out to take a quick look at this and it’s interesting what I found.  The best place to find this information is either the U.S. Census or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  These are large agencies that have a mandate to capture this type of information and it’s usually just the numbers without the bias.  That allows writers like me to put a spin on it.

First, I found a nice list of the top 15 jobs by average annual salary.  That means some are paid more and some less but it’s a reasonable way to do a comparison.

15. Physicist
14. General/Operations Manager
13. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
12. Sales Manager
11. Airline Pilot
10. Financial Manager
9. Marketing Manager
8. Computer Information Systems Manager
7. Architectural/Engineering Manager
6. Petroleum Engineer
5. Natural Science Engineer
4. Lawyers
3. Dentists
2. Chief Executive Officer
1. Doctors and Surgeons

On the low end Physicists were paid $112,000 while Doctors and Surgeons were paid $220,000.  I guess maybe it’s not all hedge fund managers.  The one’s that make a lot of money are averaged out by those who don’t do as well.  I found it interesting that there were 1.7 million general and operations managers and 275,000 CEOs.

Now to the original question, are these jobs leaving the country.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics uses the term location fixed to describe those job that must be done at or near where the work is required.  For example, if you’re paving a road, you have to do that where the road is.  Jobs such as Nurses, Construction Workers, Police, Fire, Mayor, and Janitor all are location fixed.

So let’s look at the top 15.  While it is possible to fly to another country for an operation, most medical procedures are location fixed.  Most legal work requires a license in the state it’s done.  I don’t think we’re outsourcing lawyers any time soon.  CEOs can live anywhere but unless the company is bought or leaves the country, there are staying her.  Airline pilots are obvious.  You won’t have to go to India any time soon to catch a flight from Dallas to New York.

A lot of the engineering professions could move but would still have to do a lot of their work here.  If you’re a petroleum engineer, you probably have to go where the oil is.  I think a lot of the jobs require very strong language skills and cultural awareness.  This includes jobs like Marketing Manager.

So I will leave this up to you to decide?  Is America Outsourcing Its Best Paying Jobs?

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