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How to Get Your Employees Up-to-Speed in Record Time
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Date: Wednesday, September 17th

Time: 10:00 to 11:00 am Central Time

Presenter: Steve Rosenbaum, President Learning Paths International

Registration: Learningpaths.com


Learning Paths is the fastest and most effective way to reduce time to performance. Hundreds of companies in more than eight countries have used the Learning Paths approach for onboarding new employees, improving performance of current employees as well as leadership development.


This webinar is presented by Steve Rosenbaum, the author of the book Learning Paths: Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press).  In this webinar, you will how Learning Paths initiatives lead to speeding up design and development, improving measurability and overall results.


In this webinar learn about:


  • How to define and measure proficiency
  • Map, improve and accelerate the learning process
  • Transform the way your organization looks at training


To Register Go To:  Learningpaths.com


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Category: Learning Paths

Date: 2/2/2012

Time: 11:00 to 12:00 CST


Every minute employees aren’t fully productive and up-to-speed has a significant financial effect on any organization. In this webinar, you will learn about the secrets of speeding up  time to full productivity by 30 to 50% or more through the proven Learning Paths methodology.

The Learning Path methodology combines the best of accelerated learning, change management and quality improvement to the learning process to dramatically reduce time, waste, variability and cost.

The Learning Paths methodology  is based on the book Learning  Paths by  Steve Rosenbaum (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press).

In this webinar learn about:

1. How to define and measure proficiency
2. Map, improve and accelerate the learning process
3. Transform the way your organization looks at training

Who Should Attend
This webinar is for any one involved in training, human resources and employee development.  In addition, this webinar will be of special interest to sales and operations managers who want to address issues of improving performance and reducing turnover.  This webinar also provides an overview of Learning Paths for anyone considering attend the Learning Paths Certification Workshop.


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One of the challenges that traditional training and performance improvement projects have is that they are usually positioned as a problem solving approach. In fact, most are using a traditional gap analysis approach. That is determining the current and desired situation, finding the gap and then determing how to close that gap. It’s a very logical approach and it does work well, except for one thing…it’s telling employees and managers that there is something wrong or they have done something wrong and you’re going to fix it. That’s a tough sell. A lot of work on building support and consensus has to go into this approach to get anything done.

Process improvement is a little easier. In this approach, you look at where things are today and how to make them better. People understand that even the best of the best can get better. In addition, there is an obvious benefit for improvement.

With a problem solving approach, you need to have a solution that works first time. You often don’t get a second bite at the apple. Things need to be perfect before you make any changes. This leads to long development times and lots of reviews.

With a process improvement approach, you’re looking for incremental gains over a long period of time. It’s really a continuous process not a one time event. You have a greater opportunity to test things out and discard approaches that don’t work. You’re not letting perfect be the enemy of good.

So which do you think gets better acceptance…”You’re doing things wrong and I’m going to fix them.” or “I’m here to help you improve on the great work you’re already doing?

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